Saturday, 28 January 2012

Lack of female programmers...

I am a self confessed girlie geek. I might well get excited about the new version of android or getting a job where I can use a new trendy language commercially, but I still love spending time at the beauticians.  And today I am wondering the trivial question of what colour to have my nails painted this time. In fact yesterday in work I looked at my nails and almost (I say almost) asked that very question of my work colleagues. Then quickly thought twice about it, as the boys I work with would not understand. And yet again I let out a sigh about the lack of female programmers.

In my 15 year career, I have worked with very very few female programmers, and I'm still confused to why that is. Also,in my experience those ladies were doing their job, but I never felt they had a true passion for the works of programming as I do.

Ok, first question I hear you ask is why do we need more female programmers? Putting aside the simple fact that I'd like that 2 minute conversation every now and then about shoes and nails in work, there are many other reasons why we need more of a feminine touch in the software world.  I'll tell you something too, everyone agrees with me, and all the men in the industry want more women in their working environment.

It baffles me, and I probably have to hasten to add it's the lack of female programmers in the UK, as I hear there are a bigger percentage of women working in the sector in India.  It can only come down to a cultural thing.  When I was in primary school, my dad bought me a computer; a TRS-80 16k, none the less!  And father Christmas would always accidentally leave me a "boys toy".  I loved my hot wheels and scaletrix.... and I think that's part of the reason I have never felt like I can't do anything just because I'm a girl.  A side note is needed here:  I loved my Barbie dolls more than any other toy, I was never a tom boy!

Maybe that has nothing to do with it, and maybe I shouldn't even worry about the percentages, it's never caused me problems in my career.  After all I've always got along with men better than women.  Even most of my female friends say they get along with men better.  I don't know what that means!!

Coincidently, while at the car show room and talking to the female car sales rep, she told me she prefers working with men, as it's less bitchy.  I wonder what it would be like working with less men and more women.  One thing is for sure, someone shouldn't feel like they can't do something just because of their gender.

Anyway.... I decided to get my nails painted red today! xx

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  1. I don't really understand this either Katy.
    I am just getting into programming (Late 30's so late by most standards I guess) But isn’t it the same generally in I.T?
    I think most young collage girls probably think it's unsexy or too difficult, or just plain not interesting. I agree with you though, as soon as you get your first few lines of code or program running properly, it is such a buzz and real sense of achievement. Schools need to teach it early for kids. I hope the introduction of the Raspberry Pi will change that.. Mine is on order.