Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How about a Raspberry Pi in Pink?

I recently tweeted @Raspberry_Pi: "do you think r-pi will encourage more women into programming? we need more women programmers- they are threatening to clone me!" With the kind response of  "We really hope so. Needs playground/kitchen table level changes, though; we're open to ideas on how to help."  (Are they referring to more women programmers or they clearly don't know me, if they are hoping I'll be cloned!! ha ha!)

Now surely a female in the software engineering world would have an idea on how to help.  You'd think, wouldn't you?  But the best idea I can come up with is a limited edition Pink Pi.  A bit stereotyped isn't it?  Or is it?  As there is no real reason for me to be in such a small minority, can it only come to culture, as I've mentioned previously there is a higher number of female programmers in other countries.  If it's a cultural thing then how can you say "hey girls/ladies/dudettes/chappess, it's OK for you to like computers and 'have a go', after all most men just make it up as they go along anyway!!"  What better way then to use colour, after all since being a baby we have been conditioned into thinking that pink is for girls.

I'd like a pink r-pi!!  It would be so cool!  I'm also wondering if with the "buy one - give one" scheme, if I can purposely say that mine goes to a female, perhaps even with the offer of me being their mentor if they'd like.

And of course I can always get my act together and start writing some open source for the pi....

With so much web traffic passing by here, maybe you have an idea?  If you do please comment!


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