Saturday, 4 February 2012

Off Topic... Tattoos (& XML)

For the geeks out there you will instantly see why this bit of XML doesn't parse: XML Wrist Tattoo Straight after posting a mocking comment with the picture on my facebook page, I then quickly realised that maybe he wasn't trying to be "correct" maybe it was what the meaning of <love> </hate> actually meant to the owner.  Were they saying "don't let the love end, and stop hating before it's begun."  Anyway what does it matter, it probably means something to the person who was prepared to have the commitment of them inked upon their skin.

It only comes down to first impressions, and my first one was unfortunately a bad one.

Whilst watching a show with Davina McCall and Fearne Cotton, I was admiring their wrist tattoos.  I've always said I wouldn't get one; they are just the trend at the moment and will show your age in years to come just as tribal bands do now.  Many people are getting them just because celebs have them, but it got me to thinking about them none the less.  Don't they quickly give a glimpse of who you are, and they are sociably acceptable due to the popularity, (unlike for example a face tattoo) and a nice chunky bracelet or watch can quickly cover them up.

I've also said I would never have a tattoo that is visible while at work, just because of the preconceptions that people have of tattoos.  That said I'm never shy to tell people I have 3 on my back or show them to people who are interested, so what difference does it make?

Anyway perhaps something to think about after my next tattoo.  I have my next hidden tattoo planned, and I'm so lucky to be on the waiting list of one of the countries most talented artist who can pick and choose the work she does.... and I can't wait to show it off to who ever I choose!

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