Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Asked To Work For Facebook? (Part One)

No blog for a while, I'm getting lax.  Maybe because I just don't know how to tell my exciting story!!

I finally decided to join the world of linked in, which in itself isn't anything exciting.  However a few days later I received an email entitled "Work For Facebook", and the email talked about wanting to discussion an opportunity they have with me to work at facebook in the USA.  The obvious thoughts then flashed through my mind... "wow facebook!", "have I just been head hunted by facebook?", "but it's America", "Oh it could be a scam." and "Oh I'd better check this out as it's probably a scam of some kind."

So first things first, I checked out the guy on Linked in, OK so far so good it said he works for facebook as a recruiter.  Next step message (on facebook of course), contact an ex-work colleague who now works for them.  Turns out it had been him that had recommended me!  Bless!  That in itself is such a good compliment - this guy has the brain the size of a planet, and not a small planet at that, and he recommended me... me(!)... to work for one of the biggest organisations in the world.

OK, so now I know it's for real, we have another bridge to cross it's the other side of the world.  Would I really pick up my life and move to somewhere new?  Would I really do something that would mean experiencing something new and exciting, something that is also easily reversible if I didn't like it (after a good try of course!)

So the excitement and day dreaming began.

I replied to the facebook recruiter to tell him I was interested and left my mobile number with him.    He asked for my cv, which I promptly sent..... after having to update it as I'm quite happy where I currently am and would only move for something amazing..... like facebook!

Next stage, arranged a telephone interview with the recruiter.  Now here's where it gets a bit strange. .....

To be continued...........................................................

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