Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Facebook (Part 2)

I had arranged for one lunch time for the facebook recruiter to phone.  I headed out to my car and sat waiting for the call.  I waited..... I waited..... I waited..... I sent an email from my phone asking if he had my mobile number (which I knew he did!) and went to get myself a sandwich.  My phone did not ring that day.

I came home and looked at linked in and checked out the recruiters page.  Interestingly it stated that he worked at facebook from September 2011 - March 2012, not to present.  Had I been head-hunted by someone that no longer worked for the company?  Was that the dream over before I even had chance to mess up my own interview?  A little disappointing!

I emailed my friend at facebook to find out what had happened, and he in his professional way being true to facebook, yet giving me the details I needed, he told me it was an internal matter and someone else would contact me.  Sure enough, another facebook recruiter contacted me via email and I arranged another phone call during my lunch hour.

I nervously waited for the phone call and I almost jumped out of my seat when the phone did actually ring!  The recruiter I spoke to apologised for the mix up, and she put me at ease right away as she was the kind of person you find in my group of friends.  We spoke in detail about every job that I've ever had.  Now if you've seen my CV you know that isn't a quick task.  I'm quite amazed these days about how positive I am about every simple one of my previous employers where I would pull out what I gained from the job and what I enjoyed.  Maybe I am just grateful for the vast experience I've had, and without everyone one of those jobs I wouldn't be in the position I am now (there I go again on the positivity malarkey!)

She asked me where I saw myself working at facebook.  A difficult question to answer, and I waffled something about team work.  She then went on to describe a job that couldn't have matched me better.  A role where they needed someone who could see the whole process from end to end, as while they need people to specialise in one area they also need people who are able to see the whole picture.  Someone who could pick up a new technology quickly and constantly moving from different areas, improving quality of code, and from the sounds of it sometimes just refactoring so it was readable clean code.  (I'm jumping up and down at this point with a hand raised saying "Me, me, look at me here, this is me").

For this jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none-geek-girl over here it sounded wonderful!  Forever wondering if I was hindering my career by never specialising in one area, and always jumping around from technology to technology, from language to language, here was not only the proof that it hadn't hindered but here was a job tailor made for me.

She then started to tell me about the rest of the process would go..... and of course I'm going to leave that for part 3......

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